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Our children watch everything we do, even as teens. I am more cognizant of that now than I had ever been in the past and just in time as Emma is navigating the waters of middle school. Since it is Spring Break here in NJ, we have been sleeping in- a luxury that we don’t have on school days. Under normal circumstances on weekdays I get up at 5 am in order to get my workout done before I leave for work. I am more energized, happier and feel accomplished before I ever step out the front door.  I also fuel my body appropriately. It sets me up for a successful day.


This morning Emma Grace was up at 5:30am and after a quick breakfast was happily running on the treadmill.  She got in her 2 miles, refueled, showered and finished her piano practice all before the rest of us were up.  She was smiling and proud of herself.  She sees how important fitness is our lives and how it has impacted our family in countless positive ways and she is choosing that for herself.

She is strong and confident and sure of herself and we couldn’t be prouder!

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