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Good Mood Food Series: Introduction

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She Is Strong

What we eat plays a vital role in how we feel.  It is a scientific fact that deficiencies in some essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients can lead to symptoms associated with stress, depression, behavioral problems as well as more outwardly physical diseases.  A great way to gain an understanding of just how much nutrition impacts our moods can be found in this TEDx talk by clinical psychologist Julia Rucklidge.   

In short, when you are faced with a stressful situation, your body eagerly consumes vital nutrients, leaving you in short supply.  Unless you replenish the stock, your stress symptoms, initially caused by a situation or event, will continue longer than normal because your body has been depleted of the essential nutrients that it needs for optimum brain function.

So – what are these essential nutrients, how can they help, and what can you eat to make sure your body and mind has the fuel…

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