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SmileI was listening to a great podcast this morning driving in to work.  (Yes, I do personal development at 6:45am in traffic, LOL)  The subject was dealing with frustrating people and it resonated so much with me.  Brendon Burchard literally echoed the words that I tell my babies all of the time.

Brendon said that we should try to see the humanity in every situation.  We don’t know what kind of tragedies, trials or personal demons the person that was grumpy or absent-minded and irritated you faced today.  We cannot know the struggles of another person unless we have “walked a mile in their shoes”, so BE KIND!  I fail at this at some point or other every day, but I will keep trying.  I hope that you will too.  The world needs more kindness.  Thanks BB for the reminder.  😉

If you would like to listen too, click here!

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